"Woojoo Industry strives to create customer value"

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Since its establishment in 2001, the Woojoo industry has been competitive in Korea, Asia, the United States, and Europe through endless challenges and innovations. By establishing partnerships with companies in the world, we have supplied a variety of high-quality chemical raw materials to domestic manufacturers.

Woojoo industry, which values customers' values above all else, builds on the capabilities and experiences accumulated over the past 20 years. We focused on growing it, and our expertise has been recognized by domestic and overseas pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food-related clients.

Woojoo industry will not settle for the current achievements, but will expand R&D and new business toward the goal of being a'top 10 domestic raw material supplier', and will strive to become a company that is a new company.

In addition, we will become a partner who loves the environment and provides new value to customers.

Thank you.